deals60" wood workbench w/ 4 drawers for $139.99


I've got one, had it since 2009. Held up well, pretty useful.


I had been eyeing one for 6 years and finally bought one a year ago and it is perfect.

I illustrate and craft heavily. I switch between the 2 all the time and this bench allows me to do so with out any issues.

The bench itself is pretty sturdy and easy to put together. The only thing that might not be so great is the undercarriage. The masonite board is ok but could stand to be 1/4 inch.


Here is a 25% off coupon that brings the price down to $128.


@kabir424: Math check, that's $35 off for a total of $105 plus tax.


@btb601: Wish it were so, one coupon per item, so it's 25% off the sale price, not off the coupon price.


YMMV, but my shipping charge was only $6.99. There was no additional freight charge...


Code - 54708713 was good for 25% off bringing the total to $119.99 +$6.99 ground shipping