dealslenovo enhanced multimedia remote with backlit…


Ah! This is $5 cheaper than they have had this deal in the past.

This remote is great, btw. I have one. The 1 year warranty came in handy for me. I had to get a replacement because my original dongle quit working after a few months.

I think I just got a bad one, though. Lenovo replaced it without question.


I ordered this but it came without the dongle so I have never used it


The dongle comes hidden in the battery compartment. I got the previous model for a friend as a Christmas present. We thought it didn't come with a dongle either, then I found it.


@ilikeskiing: Yea, the dongle comes inside of it, in the battery tray. I had the same confusion when I first got mine.

I have older version minus backlight and a few other features and I still love it, thinking about picking this up looks like they improved on it a lot.