dealsbuy 1 month unlimited everything, get 1 month free


Anyone used Givmobile before?
I'm contemplating switching to these guys. I picked up a free sim card when that was offered.

This offer also gives you a free SIM card.


I can't decipher the website. What's the difference between the two cards? The coverage map is pretty thin in the western half of the US.


They are a sub-MVNO from P-Tel. They use (at least in my area in the SE US) T-Mobile towers for service. Voice and text was fine, data was EDGE speeds. I used GIV for some friends that were visiting from Europe. They had problems with service whenever they got too far away from an interstate or metro area.


GivMobile is Platinum tels' charity spin off. They do use T-Mobiles towers. They recently switched in the last year from what I can tell from being a cdma mvno to GSM.
The difference between the 2 cards is the data speed downloads.
40$ = 250 mbs on 3/4g and
50$= 2gbs @3/4g speeds and everything pass that threshold is edge speeds.
Both gives you unlimited data but it's just how fast and how much you can use in a month at select speeds...
I have no experience with GivMobile but I do with ptel as a pay as you go customer. I like them for what it's worth...