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Pistol Calibers at a minimum distance of 30 yards

WTF? Pistol target shooting over 30 yards? Maybe with a dirty harry special 10" barrel. Before anyone starts to get on my case, the majority of pistol shooting occurs well within 30 yards. I've been a firearms instructor for years. Can you fire a pistol over 30 yards and hit a small target? Sure. If your going to shoot a small target from a long range, get a rifle.

something is wrong here. No size listed for target on woot or on the PDF.


I got these specs from Palmetto State Armory;
9.45" x 18"

They seem to sell for $100+ even on ebay.


Pleasantly surprised to see this.


Fairly small target. What is it Midget?


FYI, I learned the hard way not to shoot reactive metal targets designed for larger calibers (like this one) with a small caliber pistol (for example a .22). High probability of ricochet.


Not listed on the mfgs website, probably discontinued due to liability issues.
This one is only safe with handguns, apparently revolvers .38 spl to .44 mag firing all-lead wadcutters or round-nose. And at 30+ YARDS, which is at the very long end of handgun range.
Still at about 80% off I'm tempted.
I do have an appropriate revolver, but it will be hard to keep from shooting other rounds at it.


Maybe if the DHS was not buying 1.6 billion bullets I could have some to shoot at these targets.


Most ranges I have been to do not allow metal targets due to ricochet possibilities. There is one that allows them but not within 150 yards of the firing line. And like everyone else - 30 yards with a handgun.....? Most police departments do their proficiency tests at 7 yards. Most personal defense related shootings happen between 5 feet and 21 feet.


@ecriscit: sounds like you need practice buddy. I shoot everything from coyotes/bobcats to deer at 50-75 yards with a 1911 chambered in 10mm auto (hot .40) with iron sights. 10"+ barrels are for 150+ yard shots