dealslego star wars death star for $335.99 + free…


"Oh yeah, in my opinion as well as that of a few others, these sets would make a great INVESTMENT - 100 times safer than the stock market, IMHO."

I just don't agree with that at all, considering what drives the value of these items. You need to keep the box in pristine condition. A stock you hold may lose and gain value, but it's not going get crushed in a move, fade from sunlight exposure, be impacted by humidity, house fire etc.

I collect comics as an investment, but in no way am I counting on that as a nest egg when a fire could sweep through at any moment. My Showcase #4 alone could probably send us on a nice retirement vacation in 30 years, unless my kids sucker me out of my collection.


For that price i should be able to hold other planets hostage with it.