dealsstop soap t-shirt for $15.95 + free shipping


love your commentary. sorry, i can't vote or i would upvote you.


well, a week's worth is still just one shirt for @burkeeric, so tough cookies on selling more than 1 :)



What do you have against the Simple Object Access Protocol? I know there used to be some major security concerns, but there are many tools to help you out.


$16 for a white t-shirt with black print seems scandalous on its own.


Too bad Zazzle is such a rip, 'cause you can make some pretty sweet merch on there...


agreed on the price, the downvotes are righteous. usually zazzle at least has a $5 off coupon for shirts but no such luck right now. jackals.

one person purchased one last night (3/4 sleeve baseball tshirt). kudos to you, sir. i'm going to assume he was drunk and hope that he doesn't remember and cancel his purchase when he wakes up this morning.