dealskindle: the hunger games trilogy for $5.00 + freeā€¦


...or read the Kindle version for free through your local library thumbs up


Haha free shipping to my kindle? You troll.


I'm all about free kindle books from the library, however for slow pokes like me $5 is a good deal to not have a due date.


@daniosaur: Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary.


Thanks a bunch! Everyone keep telling me to read these and for 5 bucks? Heck yeah


Forget the Due Dates....just turn off the WiFi on your Kindle and you can keep reading your checked out Kindle book for as long as you want....well past the due date. Which is a good reason to have more than one Kindle...(LOL)


just don't read the last 2 chapters of the last book...


That's it, I'm not going to buy a popular title at full price again, I bought all three on Kindle this past summer, I paid a pretty penny over 5 dollars for them too, maybe one of them cost that little.
this is a good deal for y'all though


If you have Prime membership, you can check out 1 book per month for free from Amazon.


Trilogy is waaay overrated. Writing level is definitely for the "young adult" (teenage) with a simplistic plot line and vapid characters. However, it's also gruesomely and creatively violent, so it's really for the stereotypical teenage boy. But do you really want to encourage that kind of "entertainment" (it surely isn't literature)? I know it's a popular series but that's my honest opinion as a parent of two kids.


Paying for books and music. You guys are so cute.


Good lawd, -9? You guys are meanies, I was just joking. I mean it is a great deal, I just thought the wording was slightly humorous. Nevermind.


Can you get this on the Ipad?? Actually asking not just trying to bring Apple into this