dealsgo pet club 106" three condo cat tree for $125.99…


We have another go pet tree, and ours love it.


I considered this cat tree when I was looking for one, but decided the hammock-like things wouldn't work for my cats.

I went with this one instead. I also ended up swapping the condo and platform on the second level (easy with drilling one hole), so it woould better fit my space.

Regardless, these are very well made and fairly easy to assemble, plus your cats will love whichever one you get.


@baqui63: I saw that one, but the customer photos on Amazon made it look a little too small. I have 5 (very active) cats, and could see them knocking it over. I like the bigger one because it can be attached to the ceiling. I did notice that the coupon was valid for the one you picked as well!


I have this cat tree, and you'd be surprised at the size of cat that can snuggle down in the hammocks! It did take the cats a few weeks to get used to it and decide it was fun, but a couple of my cats love it.


I've got the same exact one that baqui63 recommends. I think I found it in a woot about a year ago actually.

This thing will not tip over whatsoever. My cat loves it. Granted, he's the only cat we have so there isn't exactly a lack of space for him. I'd say he spends at least 6-8 hours a day sitting on it somewhere.

I would have bought one years ago if I knew he would like it so much



I have two cats, Diva is ~8lbs and Sammy is ~13lbs. Both are very active at times, chasing each other around, over and under things. They use the cat tree quite a bit, and regularily sleep on two of the topmost perches (Diva likes the topmost, and Sammy one of the others). They don't sleep in the condos all that much.

Sammy has taken a number of standing jumps from third level of the tree and I've never been concerned about it going over. (When I first put it in, I considered adding guy wires and am glad I didn't bother.)


I built one of these (less extravagant) this christmas and boy was it a lot of work. This seems like an awesome deal for one this size.