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Great movies. These are in my guilty pleasure pile. Not sure the benefit to having blue-ray though...these flicks are made to look like you're watching scratched and dusty film in a grungy old theater. Still, +1 from me on the deal.


@gryhnd: The Blu-ray benefit would be to accurately reproduce the intent of the directors / the way film looked in theaters (which the DVD format can't do anywhere near as well as Blu-ray can).


Great movies! The double feature release of this movie is how these were originally intended to be seen! Back to back, like a drive through movie fully equipped with fake trailers of awesomeness! A must have for any Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez fan.


This was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had watching a movie in the theaters. It's such a shame that they split them up for DVD release. Great price.


@darklazer: Out of stock at the moment, but you can still order and it will be shipped when they get more stock.


must have hit slick deals cuz its out of stock.


I have the DVDs and love both movies. Bluray necessary.....?


The BluRay is the only way to see the double feature with the fake trailers between movies, like it was shown in theaters. This edition does not include the extends scenes of the separate DVD releases, particularly the lapdance scene in Deathproof.

I'd def recommend the BluRay, though, the quality is superb.