dealsdead island: xbox 360 & ps3 for $25.00 + freeā€¦


@okham will be delighted to know that you beat me by 3 minutes on this one.

Strongly thinking about buying this game at this price.


I couldn't pass it up with the free shipping. Tight butthole


@gideonfrost: This has been on my Amazon Wish List. Glad to see it came down in price.


Excellent price- Camelcamelcamel confirms it as the lowest price ever on Amazon for both PS3 and Xbox.

Be warned that is somewhat buggy, even fully updated, but despite that I recommend it highly for co-op play. The combat is visceral and satisfying, controls are intuitive, and the loot system and light rpg elements give a great sense of investment over time.

The endless stream of profanities from most characters is a bonus, too.

My girlfriend and I have played just about every game on the 360 that presents the storyline in co-op and this one is our second favorite. (And given that our favorite was Borderlands there is no shame in being #2.) At $25 if you enjoy co-op I highly recommend this title.


EXCELLENT GAME!!! Honestly, very little is entirely original, but it has taken the best aspects of so many games and put them together. Amazing price for this one, don't pass it up! And, I know you have heard that this is a single player game, but the multiplayer is awesome too!


@gideonfrost: Sorry I threw the jinx out there. I was trying the celebrate your time tested ability to snag the gold box deals :)

I'm sure tomorrow will return us to our regularly scheduled program.

And I can definitely recommend this one, especially for $25.


This is on sale at newegg for $10, just saying


@dml85: Only the PC version is $10, just saying


This was an awesome game.. I beat it not long after it came out and I've been looking to buy it since.
Still, probably wait until it's like $12 bucks on GameFly. Definitely worth it if you've never played it though. Awesome multiplayer.

The one downside is, I played it on release and it was probably the glitchiest game I've ever played. Unplayable at some points.. It'd just randomly reset heh. They've probably fixed a lot of that by now though.