dealsfree $25 credit towards your purchase of $35 or…


As usual for this sort of deal, the items seem to be marked up so much that the items for sale for $35 are worth less than $10.

The "must give them your e-mail address before you can even see what's for sale" is a nice touch, too.


Went for it because I saw some moustache wax and was hoping for some old-school wet shaving supplies. Instead, I am greeted with a $48 eyedropper bottle of shave oil. Seriously. This is a website for hipsters who want to pay WAY too much money for stupid trendy shit. I have to disagree, $25 is NOT always $25. Kcostell has it right, markup is so ridiculous it even makes the $25 credit useless. Well, they have my e-mail now. I'll be expecting spam -__-


The entire Website is filled with overpriced crap with a cute or pretentious backstory. I bought the earbuds above that were on sale - with the discount that's $13 delivered. I still probably paid too much, but I would have paid that or more at Newegg for a spare pair, and I need a good pair and the listed specs on these were quite good. I doubt I'll ever order again from them though . . . BTW, the clock linked to above isn't eligible for the $25 off by itself (not many single items are . . . ). Oh well, they got me for a few dollars. And I'm far from hipster . . .


I despise a site that won't let you browse without giving some sort of information first.


I'll have to make a note of this site so I won't bother to look at it in the future. I also wonder if one of the above posts is from a shill?


It is a Hipster's Wal Mart but with bad pricing. Plus you have to sign up for an account to view content... I guess Hipsters are dumber than I thought and go for crap like that.


FYI CREDITS ONLY APPLIED TO PURCHASES OVER $35 Sorry about the Caps copy /paste


@buddyboy9: I agree. I followed the link and they won't let me see what the sell unless I create an account. I won't create an account and they won't get my business.

There are just too many good online stores that will actually let you browse their store without giving them personal information.


Add me to the list of people that will never know what this site has to offer..

"You can't look around till you give me an email address to spam."


Get yourself a throwaway account for these things.
I have a gmail account that I use specifically for this trash.


I also despise a site that won't let you browse without giving some sort of information first.

I cant stress this more.. let me browse without giving you access to spamming my facebook friends.


Like others, I'd say skip this site. Very little worth buying for the prices, and the fact you cannot sign in without providing info is horrible. Like others as well, I maintain an assortment of spam email/FB profiles for sites like these.

Skip it.