dealsthe da vinci code: a novel (robert langdon) ebook…


Can't beat free. Well, if they pay me to take it that would be cool too.


Cheaper than the bible, and much more entertaining fiction.


I have to say it. I've read several of Dan Brown's books and this is by far the worst. Just a warning to those who heard the hype related to the controversy of this book.


For that price, I'll give it a shot.


@omnichad: I have to disagree, while it wasn't as good as "Angels and Demons" (the prequel to this book), I found it a very thrilling read.


@segafanalways: OK - but outside that series, books like Digital Fortress and Deception Point are much better.

I'm not sure why I'm getting downvoted above for giving fair warning of my opinion and essentially just recommending his other books. I'm not being outright negative of the deal.

Just because it's his worst book doesn't mean that you won't find it good. Just that if you read his others you'd probably like them more.


@omnichad: I didn't downvote this comment but maybe you are getting downvoted because you use the word worst book and people take it as you think it is a bad book. Maybe if you would have said this is my least favorite books by Dan Brown it would have come across in a positive manner and avoided the downvote. (just speculation)


@segafanalways: I didn't like the book, so it was hard to find proper wording. I like his writing, but I just didn't enjoy the book at all. The only word I could think of to describe it is contrived.

Besides, even the explanatory comment is being downvoted now - as if it's no help to other readers at all.


@omnichad: I agree. I found those books a lot more fun to read. Very fast paced thrillers/


Frankly, the books are a great toilet read. Every page has a load of trivial factoids. Sometimes they're pretty unbelievable, but enjoyable all the same.


I liked this book okay, I mean, there are better books (by other authors) out there. But it's much better than his earlier stuff by far. Digital Fortress was silly for the most part, and Deception Point - is that the one in the Arctic? - that one was crap. Nothing happened for chapter after chapter, I couldn't even be bothered to finish it. This is definitely worth free.