dealstexas roadhouse - free lunch for military and…


Texas Roadhouse has always been a huge military discount supporter. Almost all locations offer a %10 discount any time any day to the military. I know that my b/f who served for 9 years really appreciates this...and their warm bread with honey butter. NOM


They are finally opening one in WA - yippy!


I enjoy eating at Texas Roadhouse, when I can. The closest Texas Roadhouse location in my area is about 25 miles away. Even if I can't take advantage of this offer, I still appreciate the gesture.

It's too bad we can't ship a hot meal to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is great that stateside personnel get this recognition, but those with the greatest hardship are the ones least likely to benefit. Wish there was a way we could change that.

FWIW - my initial service was Vietnam era. My memories of being an E2-E3 were pretty grim. That was before the pay adjustments, and making $90-$120/month was a challenge. I felt most merchants tended to take advantage of soldiers, unless they also had a military background. It is good to see a broader appreciation for service members.



@tpscan: I served in the National Guard in the late 90s, and recently swapped basic training stories with a co-worker who is a Vietnam-era vet. I felt so bad to hear about the way you guys were treated, even within the military. And (obviously) I wasn't around then, but it always sounds like there was a lot of hate directed toward soldiers in the general public too, even though lots of people were only in the service because they'd been drafted. I mean, how does that even make sense? I've been really happy over the last 10 years to see that the public generally supports the troops, even if they think the current war is stupid/unjustified/whatever.


@bigfatusername: I posted something on this topic elsewhere, but essentially we find ways of dealing with stuff.

I am retired Army, but had lots of buddies and friends that had a similar background. The differences was, we became tighter knit and just avoided "town".

I had two father-in-laws. Both retired Army. Two brother-in-laws, one a submariner, now retired. The second was a Ranger, but died of brain cancer.
My brother was a tank commander. An Aunt was a WWII nurse, my dad and uncle were WWII vets, grandpa and his brothers were WWI. We sort of had our own little community.


I had to check on this, as the ones by my house aren't open for lunch. But I called them and they confirmed they are open this Friday.


Great! Now where can I get a military ID for cheap?

I keed, I keed.


Classy move by TX roadhouse and they make a great steak!


I'm very glad that more and more places are introducing veterans discounts.
(I'm also grateful because it saves me a buck :) )

I hope that either Texas Roadhouse or Applebees is lenient on a day like tomorrow... I work on a locked veterans ward now and would love to get them some good food for tomorrow...

Anyone know if they might do something like this?