dealssandisk ultra 32gb sdhc uhsi class 10 memory…


Got mine! This is the DEAL OF THE DAY, so act fast. Be careful, b/c they do show you a similar card for 69.99! Scroll down to this one for $19.99. They did charge sales tax to PA.


On the slow side for a uhsi card, but for the same price as a class 10, a very good price....a little more headroom when doing fast capture. Have one in a Nikon v1 which shots fast. Have not notice any write advantage over the Sony class 10 shoot in jpeg.


Only allows you to put 1 in your cart - BUT you can buy it multiple times, using the same account.

Hopefully they will all go through (trying for 3).


@m3zy6: Nevermind, answered my own question. 8mb/sec faster read speed.


Remember, make sure your electronic device supports uhsi card, otherwise only get regular class 10 speed and better buying the Sony card elsewhere on Woot community.


I got in for 3! Thanks for posting this deal!!