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Before everyone goes nuts for this. FYI, this is PC only. Will not work with PS3, Xbox or MAC, as per their website.


I had a really bad experience with this steering wheel. What I thought was the button for the heated seats was actually for the passenger ejection seat. Panicked, I tried to release expanding foam out the back to cushion my husband's fall, but instead activated the flaming oil slick!

I do seriously hope he'll forgive me before he's released from the burn ward.


Where's the Sandwich button?


Where is the button that tells your mom you're ready to be picked up from the LAN party?


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Here are some links to the great reviews on this product. This product received a 9/10 from Hardware Heaven, Lanoc, and a 8/10 from IGN.

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It need an EASY button. :D


I have been looking at these wheels while deciding whether or not to build a PC for rFactor 2 coming out. It's a cool wheel, but I'm a fan of mounted wheels. For those who don't have space, this wheel looks pretty good. Lag time looks pretty low.

There are also instructions out there, as well as conversion parts, to allow you to attach this wheel to the Logitech wheels. The combination is pretty sweet.


Real cars don't even have this many buttons.


@the4thnobleman: Depends on what you mean by "real." Racing cars tend to:


In the top 7 replies, only 1 actually helpful comment. Is this what's becoming of woot? Thank you all that are being informative and not just making lame puns for upvotes.


@retom7: Spend the money and get a G27, especially if you're considering building a whole rig. rFactor2 is really graphics intensive too, worth money on a serious GPU. My brand newish PC (3570k OC'd to 4.1 w/ 9800GTX) can't keep up on high settings...which sucks. But yeah you're going to want a good FFB wheel and pedal set for rFactor2 and not this wireless thing. This wheel mounted in place of the G27 wheel would be awesome though (they do make replacements like this).