deals24 pack - mentos up2u sugar free gum for $9.99…


$5 shipping, so $14.98 total.

I bought a pack of these once and remember them being tough to chew with flavor that didn't last. I got them when they first came out so they may have improved it, but I wouldn't risk it personally.

Plus you can get pouches of Trident White, Eclipse, etc with 180 pieces at Target for about $6.50. You stick those in the 60 count canisters they sell for $3 and put it in your cup holder. EASY.


I tried the "Striped Red Stawberry / Starmint" flavor and packaging them together gives you strawberry-flavored mint gum and minty strawberry gum, with flavor that doesn't last overall. Not impressed with these.


At Menards this week, these boxes are 1.99 after mail in rebate. I agree with previous poster, not impressed with this gum. At 1.99 I was not even interested.


Am I crazy, or is that a lot of gum?


Shipping is a deal-killer for me.


The gum just isn't all that good. I tried it because I really like the Mentos mints but the gum isn't the same quality in my opinion.
My favorite gum is Ice Breakers Ice Cubes. A 40 pc little tub of them is $2.99 at the grocery store, so a little more expensive than some of the others, but I like them better.