dealsbatman family car decal set for $11.99


Happy April Fool's day.

Some of the other Thinkgeek selections are better. The Bane mask walkie talkies/voice changers are my personal pick.


It might be safe for Batman to put these on the batmobile, but how smart is it for the average family to do so?
Those stickers might as well read "Dear bad guy/pedophile, we have several helpless children and no dog to disturb you. See you soon. Love, Soccer Mom."


@gnomercy: Can't tell if ridiculously sarcastic,

(picture of Fry with squinted eyes)

or ridiculously serious.

Sorry, didn't feel like making the picture...


This isn't so much of a family sticker in the classic sense. This is making fun of Batman/DC because all the Robins keep getting killed. I'd put this on my car, but not as a reflection of my family. Tombstones to represent kids? CLEARLY SATIRE.


@kydolph: Actually, it's making fun of Batman's murdered parents, not Robin(s). (they changed my tags and removed "fools" and "dead")


@caisburning: Mine is the Death Star Trench Toss. If they do not end up actually making it I will be very annoyed. Which, for those that are not aware, Think Geek has actually ended up making some of their April Fool's products (i.e. the taun-taun sleeping bag).


@bindsocket: Yep. And I thought those smelled bad on the outside...