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Not free for ALL Prime members; ONLY those with Kindles.


This is NOT free! You can "borrow" (not buy) this to read on your Kindle only if you've ponied up the $79 yearly fee. It's not a physical book, it's not a purchase, and it's not free when you factor in that whopping membership payment.


Not free and not a deal. Amazon offers many books to Prime members that they can BORROW and read on their Kindle devices only.
This book is among hundreds of others in the Kindle Owner Lending Library, and its not a better deal than any of them.



When a Kindle format eBook is actually free, anyone who has the free Kindle app can get it for free and an actual Kindle is not required.

This eBook is not free, but rather free to borrow for Kindle owners who are also Prime members.

I feel that your description of the deal is misleading.


Comments are right on - and the problem is that Primer members can only borrow one book a month - this would NOT be the one book I borrow.