dealsmen’s ua catalyst short sleeve t-shirt for $21.99…


$22 for a plain t-shirt? for half that you can get a Woot shirt with something stupid printed on it!


I hadn't even heard of this brand until last August, when I saw the logo on someone's shirt and asked them what it was. Now I see it absolutely everywhere. Did the popularity just explode in the last 6 months or so, or did I just crawl out from under a very heavy rock?


@tsfisch: I've known about it for I would think nearly 10 years but I was also heavy into sports and worked at a hockey store. Good stuff but way overpriced!


I have one of these shirts, and they are extremely conformable. They're great for working out and running in. With free shipping, this isn't that bad of a deal and I'll probably pick up another one.


this type of shirt from any of the name brands usually runs around $20 on sale, so this is definitely only a luke-warm deal at best.

As for the Under Armor brand, they're good quality and have been around at least a decade as far as I can remember, and this is DEFINITELY not a "Plain T-shirt". This type of shirt is highly-engineered from the fabrics to the design and fit. It's designed to wick away sweat and dry very quickly, is very light-weight, and I believe this particular shirt is made from recycled plastic bottles.
Calling it a "plain T-shirt" is like calling Nikes "plain sneakers".


The model looks dazed and confused - like he just stumbled off that disabled cruise ship, and CNN just gave him an ugly green t-shirt so he had something clean to wear on camera.


I can see by the confusion this deal is causing that a lot of wooters are not of the physically active variety. Under Armour is the Bentley of performance clothing. If you're active and play sports or just work out hard it's worth full price. Any discount is just a bonus for this stuff. Yeah, it's not cheap but it lasts and outperforms anything you'd like to compare it to.


@zuiquan: So I'd rather have 7 different color volkswagons (t-shirts) at this price and use a different one every day of the week.


@kamikazeken: I don't spend $120 on Nikes, either...


100% recycled polyester, made in China. No, no.


I use these shirts when I go for a long run (~8mi), and they're really great for that sort of thing. Activities where you expect to be sweating a lot make these shirts a godsend, so there's less irritation and friction than a normal cotton shirt. To me, the added price is worth the lack of chaffing and irritation.

I'd highly recommend if you have those sorts of problems while doing various types of exercise or activities that you expect to be sweating buckets from.


@tsfisch: I think it's the latter. If anything, I'd guess (totally unscientifically) UnderArmour has slightly decreased in popularity recently due to other athletic brands going after their market. I've been using their compression gear for years for basketball/running.


I'm going to let Macklemore express my thoughts about this deal in verse:

They be like “Oh that UA Catalyst, that’s hella tight”
I’m like “Yo, that’s $22 for a t-shirt”
Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition
$22 for a t-shirt, that’s just some ignorant b!*ch sh!t
I call that getting swindled and pimped, sh!t
I call that getting tricked by business
That shirt’s hella dough
And having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don’t


@tsfisch: Under Armor has been big for the last decade or so. Back around 2005 or so, they were the first sponsorship logo to be placed on the Wrigley Field outfield wall (on the doors in the wall, not on the actual ivy). These are commonly worn as undershirts under sports jerseys.


if this was a 2-for-$30 deal (or better), then it would be worth a place in the sponsored deal of the day. Like I said, this is a great product, but the price is only "meh" at best.

@tcayer: I don't pay $120 for Nikes either, I get them on clearance, or at the outlet store, and the MOST I've ever paid is probably $45-$50 for a pair of Nikes. I was simply making a quality comparison between products... this is a quality product just as Nikes are usually a quality product, so hot deals will be harder to find, and to the uninitiated the prices may seem exorbitant.