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Funny - subscribe and it's $27.


I used to be a Jelly Bell fanatic, until I had Starburst jelly beans.


You could just go to Costco and buy the same package for about $16.


Maybe Amazon will give it to you for free if you can guess how many are in there :)


Odd that Amazon is selling a Costco (Kirkland)product.


Good ol' Jelly Belly. 49 flavors, 9 of which taste like they belong in jellybeans, 20 that are mediocre enough you can get your kids to eat them, 10 that taste like something my dog threw up, and 10 more that you're not sure if they're dog poo flavored so you just throw them out preemptively.


You gotta be kiddin'!!
Right now you can find jelly beans just about anywhere for about 50 cents a bag.
And the price will get lower and lower over the next 2 or 3 months until they get down to about 10 cents a bag before they just get written off as a loss and thrown out.


@donslin: Jelly BEANS are not Jelly BELLY beans. Big difference. #1: cost. :P

Granted, if I buy these in bulk at the local stores, it's usually $7 a pound, so this is like buying three pounds and getting one free. Except I like the sours, not the mixes.