dealssamsung 16gb high speed class 6 microsdhc memory…


I always opt for the faster class 10 (or better) cards, as lower classes could slow the whole thing down.


I'd agree, generally speaking, but class does not always correlate to speed (note the fact that this card outperforms the Class 10 Sandisk card according to tests conducted with Crystaldiskmark and ATTO):

Sequential read: ~24 MB/s
Sequantial write: ~17.5 MB/s
4K Random read: ~7.7 MB/s
4k Random write: ~2.8 MB/s


@wuddawaste: No problem! Glad you found it helpful. I'm always on the lookout for cheap memory.


Newegg has the Samsung Plus MicroSD 32GB Class 10 for $22 after $4 coupon code EMCXNWW54 [Exp 7/17].


BuyDig price states: $11.99


Yep, looks like price is up to $11.99 now. I'll go ahead and expire this, but I may pick up a couple more at that price anyway.

Thanks folks.


Newegg has the SAMSUNG Plus 16GB Micro SDHC Class 10 on sale for $11 (with free shipping).

$17 - $6 off with coupon code EMCXNWM76 [Exp 7/24].



@bloodypenguin: thank you, thank you very much for the link! Had did you get such a gruesome moniker?


@mjonczak: Glad I could help.

My screen name comes from that old joke. "What is Black & White and Red all over"? Well the answer is a "Newspaper". Well, we had a indoor soccer team that needed a name. I liked Penguins and noticed we were always bloody after games. So: "The Bloody Penguins" came to be. So another answer to "What is Black & White and Red all over" would be my screen name.


@dannnnnn: Not true. Depending on what you are doing with the memory this may be worse. Class 10 cards may have a faster transfer speed, but they usually have much lower IOPS. That means if you are copying single, large files, a class 10 will probably be faster. However if you are copying or moving a bunch of smaller files, the card with higher IOPS will more than likely perform the task better.