dealspurchase an xbox 360 & get mass effect 3 free


I guess a mod changed the title, but it should read, Purchase an Xbox 360 and get Mass Effect 3 free. I have tattled, so hopefully it can be corrected.


It only seems to work with the "Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle 4 GB Black Item #: N82E16868105044". Tried the Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3 X-Box to no avail.


@wnyx585am: lol I was wondering what that was all about.. thought you were slipping.
From time I clicked it to the time the page loaded it was changed though.

I've been keeping an eye on 360s lately - I think mine's about lived it's life.

What's the MOST I should pay if I end up getting one? The cheapest I've seen recently was like $180 + $25 GC I think..


@drchops: The deal you mentioned is about as good as it gets right now (unless you want a refurb/used). Unless mine was broken, i'd probably wait for a deal where the net price (after gift cards, discounts, etc.) was around:

Xbox 360 4GB - $150
Xbox 360 250GB - $250
Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect - $250
Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect - $350

If you really watch for it, you might find it slightly less than this, but not by much. For example, there was an anomaly when had the 250GB with Kinect (new) for $268 several weeks ago, but I never figured out if it was misclassified as "new" since they offered a used one for the same price a few weeks later.


I've had my refurb'd for 2 years now (120GB); no problems what so ever.

Paid 99$ for it via


@vermi: I would be comfortable with a used one considering the price difference - especially if it was a used 360 S.


@vermi: Yeah, I have my heart set on one of those fancy new "slims" though :D.. on top of all the features, I think it'd be really nice to have a console that didn't sound like it was about the break the sound barrier :)

(My xbox is crazy loud).

@wnyx585am: Cool, that's about the same conclusion I came to too.. pretty much all I need is the console, and I have a 250gb I'm gonna poach from my old 360 :). I'm glad they've came down so much, hopefully by the time this one dies I can find one for like $99 heh


@drchops: Depends on what you want as another wooter mentioned. If you watch, some places still have the "holiday bundle" from this past black Friday (Xbox 360S 250GB w/ Halo: Reach and Fable plus one wireless controller and headset + 3mos of Live gold) new for about $260. That seemed like a good enough deal when I bought.


@drchops: I think it was somewhat possible to get a 4GB 360 S during the holiday shopping season for $99, so it might not be unreasonable for it to return to that price soon enough...


@wnyx585am: That's what I was wondering.. I thought I remembered seeing a couple deals for like $149 + $50 GC (or somethin' around there) sometime in the later half of last year, but I couldn't remember for sure. If they dip that low again I think I may have to scoop it regardless of how healthy my little buddy is.

Plus, I think we're about due for some kind of Xbox 720 announcement here pretty soon :)


@mortar235: Acknowledge what?

@ki4rxm: Like I mentioned up there ^, I'm just after a console. If a super-great deal comes along for not much more or comes with something I could use I'm always open to possibilities :).. that bundle seems a little pricey. Is that extra $100 just for the bonus games and 250gb HDD? Is there a Kinect bundled too? Because that wouldn't be too bad.


i have been away from Xbox360 for a long time. i am a senior student. i once was addicted to this game and spent a lot of time on it. And it affected my study so much. i tried hard to get away from it and i did it. so cool!


@drchops: Larger HDD, built-in wireless N, games, and gold membership, yeah. Basically an upgraded starter pack in a box.


@drchops: I got the 4GB slim and used the drive from my 250GB original. Just gotta remove the drive from the old caddy and slide it into the new system. I built a kind of brace with cardboard (otherwise, the drive flops around a little, and that's unacceptable for the obvious reasons).


@ki4rxm: Where can you find the 'holiday' pack for $260? I read your post and all the ones I found were $300-$399...or did you mean that when they were on sale?


@khellendros1984: Yeah, that's the route I'm going if/when my 360 kicks it.

Check this out.. More than worth the $2 and change:

(It's a HDD case)
eBay is littered with em.. they have ones that are a little cheaper and ones that are from US sellers, just gotta check around. US will probably be a little more expensive, but ship a lot faster.


@drchops: I didn't really look into it before, thanks! I'd assumed they'd be more expensive. I think the full-size 360 HDD cases that I found a few years ago were $15-20 apiece. I'm willing to pay $3 for the sake of being "correct" (and possible putting less tension on the console's plastic), but if it had been over $10,'s not like you can see the cardboard, haha