dealsus army wire saw 1 (50% off) for $5.98 + free…


Would this be good for camping? I think I might be in for one.

The only thing I love more than a Great deal is a great nutjob conspiracy theory. Does anyone have one? @DrChops maybe?

Also, @DrChops if you had this as a weapon in a video game could you think of some good ways to use it?


@cowboydann: lol I know your tricks. You're going to pull me in to posting some twisted up response, only to delete the comment that prompted it making me sound like a nutjob.

Well played.

And yeah: Killing, camping.. killing campers.


@drchops: u talkin bout counterstrike bro?


Here's a pic of why this is so good:


I wish they didn't add that this saw can cut through bone. Too creepy.


Don't buy anything from botachtatical that is the worse company in the world to deal with. I've tried ordering stuff from them before to either have it cancelled, over charged, or take months to get the product or refund.


waaaaaait a minute!! thats a garrote!!!


These are crap, about as useful as a Coghlan's wire saw (they break immediately or sooner). Get one of those handsaws that use actual chainsaw chain with leather straps that won't break. Here's an example:


also a good ninja chokeout weapon. boom.


At best this is a survival item. At worse this is a survival item you will never carry because the handles are too bulky.

If you want a saw, buy a real saw, if you want a survival saw, find something like this without those handles. The first thing you can saw with it is a couple of handles.