dealssave up to 50% on all mass effect titles during…


On the one hand, EA is the devil.

On the other hand... really great games that I haven't played yet.


With all the recent turmoil around Origin and EA's handling of SimCity, why would anyone want to buy into Origin?

Downvoted with prejudice.


EA's motto:
"We're not satisfied until you're not satisfied."


How long until they just up and decide you can't play these games anymore? Support for these types of companies has to end; even if it means missing out on awesome games from time to time.


50% off is only for the PC download, so if you wanted to get the game for another platform like me your outta luck.


Yeah., not another dime of my money is going to EA/Origin until they stop the crazy DRM shenanigans. Enough is enough.


Another gamer who decided long ago not to support EA, Ubisoft, and other companies who pull this kind of crap. Always-online requirements for single player is BS, and EA has destroyed every good developer it has acquired. Die EA. Die Ubisoft. And die Blizzard for ruining the Diablo series with your ridiculous auction house. Die, ALL you greedy bysteds who see gamers as nothing but open wallets to pick instead of just making great games (like you used to) that we want to give you money for. EA, and the like, will never see another dollar from me.


Is there a way to gift with Origin?