dealskeurig k45 elite coffee brewer for $95.99


Keurig's make awful coffee because they don't brew up to to the correct temperature, the coffee to water ratio is incorrect and the coffee is pre-ground. Today (10/14/2013) has a $15 coupon on the deals page for the Bonavita which is SCAA (Specialty Coffee Assocation of America) certified and makes excellent coffee, plus you don't throw out huge amount of trash from those little plastic single cups. If you do end up getting a Keurig, you can get a re-usable k-cup so you can put your own coffee in, save a ton of money and not create a ton of unnecessary trash.


These coffee makers cost a fraction of this to manufacture but they built in a replacement cost since these Keurig machines only last about a year. I have replaced mine at least 7 times in the last 6 years without having to pay for the new one. This is why you are paying $100-$250 for such a poorly made Keurig machine.


Keurig's have been very reliable at my office locations.
From basic ones like this, to the big units will a water supply.

Several years, probably thousands of cups made, not a single failure. Only issue is the occasional clog, and algae buildup becuase the staff never cleans them.

The only real issues I've hear from friends is with the Cuisnart model



I'm w/ souka on this. Have this very model at home and have no complaints. Several at the office where the water is plumbed directly in and have not heard one bad thing from anyone about them.


I bought this one a few months ago (the deal is still going so I posted it as one):

If you don't mind a refurb, this is a commercial model designed for hotel rooms so it's a better build quality and for a lower price.


I've owned a Keurig for more than five years without a single fact, bought another for my office. "rmsalt" seems to have an ax to grind — if a Keurig is so bad, why does he continue to use it?...and, no, I don't believe for a minute that he's replaced 7 machines — and as for the used K-cups, maybe "thelastpiece" should start his eco-war by picketing local fast-food restaurants. Or maybe he could just do his part by cleaning up some stretch of highway.


I've had this model for about two years now. It's been a bit glitchy (for instance, it goes through periods in which I need to open/close the pod holder multiple times before it actually prompts me to choose a cup size to brew), but I've been overall satisfied. It's quick, easy, and it brews a nice cup of coffee. Two major draws I will mention is that K-Cups get expensive and there's no ideal way to brew a large amount of coffee for a travel mug; you're left to either use multiple K-Cups or brew from the same one multiple times, even using the "large" cup selection. That becomes either even more expensive or dilutes your brew.

I've kind of been all over the board, huh? Just for clarity: I do recommend this product. It's not, however, without its flaws.


@bruce57: Who says it's an eco-war? The point is that the additional waste is totally unnecessary and that this industry of "perceived convcienced" is ripping everyone off big time on quality and price.

Why people would want to pay ~$50 a pound for pre-ground, commercial grade coffee is beyond me. Even really cheap 8 o'clock whole bean is better if you brew it well but for $50/lb you could be grabbing some of the best specialty grade coffees from some of the best coffee roasters and still have money left over.


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My mom has been using a Keurig in her hair salon for about 3 years now. It gets heavy use, and daily, Tues through Sat. She cleans it according to the directions and it has worked perfectly.


@rmsalt: Im sorry, but I disagree. Mine broke after a year and they sent me one free of charge. Past warranty too.