dealsmilwaukee 2691-22 18-volt compact drill and…


I own this set and paid $160 at Home Depot after using the 10% off Lowes coupon. This is still a pretty good deal.


I use this drill every day in my day job, and have to agree it is the best I've ever used. The lithium batteries are amazing.


I paid $300 for this same set about a year ago. I found it very useful to have a separate driver. You don't have to change back an forth from drill bit to driver. I did have a problem with the drill, but I brought it to a local authorized repair center and they fixed it up under warranty. This is a great deal.


These are good tools, but not that great of a deal (compared to Home Depot/Lowes.)


@thebopster: How do you use a Lowe's coupon at HD?


@yobackman: I beleave they will honor competitors ads on power tools.. At least they did for me