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hmm... so you can get a pre used nook hd from a 3rd party seller for 129.99, or you can get a new nook hd with warranty direct from barnes and noble for 129.00.

Where is the deal?


@markbradby: You linked to the Nook HD. 7" and 9" tablets are almost completely separate product spaces, so I don't see the purpose of that comparison. But you have a point that it is a mere $20 off the current price of the same thing brand new.


@markbradby: This deal is for the 9" nook, its $129.00 for a new 7". However, still not a great deal since a new 9" nook is only $149.00


The 1saleaday deal is for a Certified Pre-Owned NOOK HD+, as in the 9 inch 1920x1280 screen. On the cost is 150 new. So 30 bucks off plus free shipping in exchange for Certified Pre-Owned condition, etc.

The nook hd+ on also has tax so here in texas it comes to a total of $161.29, that is 20% off on 1saleaday which isn't terrible and might be a good option for people who just want a cheap tablet, but may not be worth it for some people who are more damage and incident prone.


@brisy9: To further clarify, Mark's link is the the 7" HD. The deal above is for the 9" HD+. The "+" is the latest, biggest and best model... all of which BN is discontinuing.

I have one, and it's a decent speedy "starter" tablet with a really nice screen. There's a recent upgrade where you can access all the Google Play apps.

Worth it.

(Basically what @masterface7: just wrote. he was speedier with the "Submit" button!)


@matthewjfazio: Haha yea all 4 of us were replying at the same time, oh well

I wonder how good the "certified pre-owned" condition is on 1saladay.


@masterface7: Certified Pre-owned is factory direct and carries the same 1 year warranty. It will be in a Barnes and Noble box.


@masterface7: I never got anything that was "certified preowned" from 1saleaday, but I have gotten a few other tablets that were refurbs (from them) that looked brand new. I have bought several items from them and have no complaints.


@brisy9:Your right- even if you figure you are saving sales tax (7%) also, that's only another $10. Either way this is a nice tablet for the money. 1920x1280 resolution is hard to pass up at this price. Now if they could only start putting that resolution in laptops instead of the crappy 1366x768 we'd all be good.


@markbradby: I really get a kick out of seeing how your post is voted down for simply highlighting the fact that a supposed deal isn't a deal at all. I guess people who have purchased from here (and have the ability to vote comments up or down) care more about seeing a fellow wooter's deal posted, than they do about the price. I'm not gonna drink the Woot Kool-Aid, so I don't expect to post here often (unless it's responding to people whose brains haven't been sucked yet).


@msmitka: I think you misread what happened to here. This IS a deal, Mark just posted to a different smaller model. You're also being kinda a downer.

Again, this is a deal... Of course, here's more recent and even better deal: (Nook recertified for $109, expires in about 5 hours.)


@msmitka: It was voted down for several reasons..

Pre-used (what does that mean?).
The linked device is NOT the same. HD+ vs. HD. and 16GB vs. 8GB.
This is a CERTIFIED Pre-Owned which is the same warranty from B&N as new and refurbished by B&N, not a 3rd party.

It is a deal, and the downvotes kept many people from following a link to a different device. I hope this clears some confusion.