dealsthe battle of los angeles: rage against theā€¦


They've been around for 20 years and I still can't understand their lyrics. First time I heard it I thought it was in a different language, now I know it's English and even if I have the lyrics in front of me I can't tell what on earth he's saying.


@lparsons42: Google the lyrics.....My favorite band too....

thanks for the heads up!


I had a student (probably 18 years old) wearing and Evil Empire shirt the other day.


@axphw1: i still have my evil empire tour shirt. \m/

fes fes

Looks like I missed it.. 5.99 now.


One of the quintessential albums of rap/rock released in the 20th century. This album is as close to perfect as an album can get--just non-stop great music.

The type of sounds that Tom Morello could get out of his guitars absolutely blew my mind and still continues to flummox me.


@webgenie: I have looked up the lyrics many times and still can't match them up with the words in the songs.