dealssony 98424 playstation 3 320gb core system…


In for one, thanks! $10.44 shipping to NV.


Looks like they are sold out already.


Playstation 4 is announced to release for the Holidays, no point on buying a PS3 now unless you want a good blurray.


@livinonedge: Or unless you want to have a PS3 -- they'll still be making games for it for a few years. The same thing happened with both the PS1 and the PS2 when the next generations were released. Besides that, you could probably resell these and make a profit still yet.


@wnyx585am: Sadly, i doubt any ps3 games will be considered a couple of years after PS4 is out. After PS2, it seems technology got to the point where most games replay value lies within online content which wont be supported in the long run.

Thats just me pointing out a few things. Not intended to provoke any negative feedback.


Sold out...but otherwise great deal.


@livinonedge: It appears that we will still see at least another year or two of PS3 new game releases. Even so, I think there is such a vast library that anyone could justify buying one solely with the intent of playing those older games. I think anyone purchasing a PS3 now could get a lot of value out of it regardless of the new console coming out.

On a side note, I'm not sure why someone down voted my comment that the PS4 will not play PS3 games. This is a fact and not an opinion or guess.


@wnyx585am: maybe they were upset at the notion and lashed out.

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