dealsrca 46" lcd hdtv / 46la45rq / scratch & dent for…


Seems like a great price. But Im really wary of dead pixels etc.


If you read the fine print, these are not refurbs. They are as is with no repairs.


Fine Print:


We call our TVs "Scratch & Dent" because they may include various cosmetic defects: screen scratches, dead pixels, lines, or repainted cabinets. Please note that these are not "refurbished" TVs, and we can't detail individual defects for each TV. Using a little industry lingo, these TVs are called "C stock" units.

We do allow returns (within 90 days of order date) on defective "Scratch & Dent" TVs. A defective TV simply does not function properly: the volume doesn't work, the set doesn't turn on, etc. "Defective" does not include any of the cosmetic defects described above.


If your "Scratch & Dent" TV is defective, here's what you can do:

- Contact us and we'll send you a return shipping label (on our dime) and RMA number.
- We will then try to replace the TV with the same TV make and model. If we're out-of-stock on that make and model, we will try to fix it.
- If all else fails, we will gladly ship you another TV (same size) of a like or better make and model.

Again, we don't accept returns on working "Scratch & Dent" TVs. We appreciate your understanding. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


$50+ shipping kills this deal for me. They ship Fed Ex ground from the west coast according to their shipping map.


Sounds like a $270 gamble. Pass.