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Oil filled poison... Do people really like the heavy weight feeling in their abdomen, even if they were tasty going down?


If only there was a Krispy Kreme near Houston...


For the last few years, I seriously thought that all the krispy kreme locations around my area were closed. After seeing this post, I checked the website and found out that there is one 30 minutes away. I shall forever thank you, the18thtee84!


@mschauber: Bad sir Bad!!

Yes krispy kreme is the devil but that devil is so yummy!!!


We do Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts once every three months. I think it's time for Krispy Kreme!

I am like a Heroin addict when I see chocolate frosted donuts so I know to keep my intake at a bare minimum. If you don't eat donuts often, damn they are the best tasting things in the world when you get them.

Thanks, OP.


ohhh man, these taste so good, but I always feel sick after even a few


Krispy Kreme closed some 5 locations that I would consider an acceptable driving distance from me. Closing locations because your chain is not making enough money is kind of a self fulfilling act.


you had me at Krispy Kreme.....


We don't have any near me anymore, but when I'm on vacation I look for them.

As far is nutrition goes ONE glazed donut has 200 calories and 12 grams of fat.

If you are the kind of person who eats just one, that's not too bad.

If you must eat all 12 of then, than your best bet is to stay away.


no one has commented on the free shipping. Oh boy, its my time to shine...


Closest one to me is 85.6 miles away. Figure it would cost me about $20 in gas to make the trip there and back (assuming I get about 30 MPG). Maybe it's time to invest in a hybrid.


I was thinking it would be only on VDay, but it says "while supplies last". So maybe I'll pick up a dozen to sugar-load my gaming group and then hand out the Valentines on VDay here at the office.