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Why is this getting mercilessly downvoted? I bought a previous RubyWallet deal for my wife for Valentine's Day (here on DW) and it was a great product that she loved. And that deal was upvoted fairly high.


Here are is the product page with some reviews of what appears to be the same ring from the Sears website.


Hey Wooters - Thanks for your support, comments and upvotes. Both items offered are now being featured on our home page - the ring at the top and the pendant below.


Hey Wooters - This deal is not sold out!! Having a small glitch with the site - should be fixed momentarily.


I guess people aren't very patient


@tsfisch: I think it's because of the huge price difference in "Regular" price if you do the research on the ring. The Sears post is a perfect example, and that was just a simple Google shopping search to find it.


I can tell when something is overpriced for jewelry and this falls in that category. Most of the bumps are silver and not even a diamond. When we start talking this small of carats the price basically falls into: how much is the silver worth, and how much am I willing to pay for a colored silver ring?
My honest evaluation from other jewelry that looks like this is that this is worth about $25 or less.
Compare to these similar products with white and black diamonds:


@ernkaiju: Looks like it's up now. I wonder how many downvoters actually noticed it was down, or if they just followed the herd...


@mellielou: Yeah, that kind of phoney retail price always sours me on a "deal". Half price I can swallow most of the time, but 1/5 price just makes me feel that it's either a scam or the product is crap. As they say, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."


Both items are now featured at the top of the homepage - drama over! Send some up votes wooters ;~)


"black diamond" = Crap diamonds we couldn't sell 5 years ago because we were pushing Color, Cut and Clarity, but now that we have commercials touting them as the "new thing" we can make money off them.