dealsfactory refurbished toshiba excite 10.1 tablet…


I was reviewing the specs and got confused about the "16GB 5400rpm hard drive" that comes with this tablet - LOL


I "Purchased" this from 1saleaday" the last time they had this (5/1/2013). After waiting 3 weeks and multiple emails asking why it was still in processing I finally got a refund. I have purchased many items from them before and always had good luck so hopefully it was just a fluke. I purchased it elsewhere for about 20 bucks more and so far it has preformed great.


They really are hit or miss. I have had items like I PC I ordered 6 weeks in advance for a Christmas present for my nephew arrive late in January. However, I have also had items arrive in less than one week.

Based on my experience, though, I will say everything from onesaleaday I received was in good condition and had no need to return. I like my Thrive that I got from them, for example.

I would love to here a comparison of this Excite vs the Thrive as I am thinking of ordering this at a good price.