dealssams club free weekend for $0.00 + free shipping


I like this deal very much because Sam's Club requires a membership and they are letting everyone in. I had a membership a long time ago before I moved away from the store. There's a store someplace around where I am now. Now I have a reason to find it.


Glad I bought that membership last week so I could save on a 10" memory foam mattress.... BS!
: (

You got my up vote. Enjoy your free weekend.


Coreyking, you can cancel the membership if that was the only purchase you planned to make. Normally I would feel bad about doing that kind of thing but not if they're doing the free weekend deal.


Been a member since 1984. Always seem to find something to buy there.


Pretty sure you can cancel your membership at any time during the year and get a full refund. It's in the fine-print of the membership agreement, because they "guarantee" your satisfaction, or something to that effect.

That said, as a paid member, thanks for the warning to stay away this weekend. The crowds and checkout lines will be out of hand with so many extra people shopping.


I worked in member services for Sam's Club for about a year and here's how this all works:

Your free weekend is still going to require you to sign up, though only for one day. You will have to go the member services desk, have your driver license or government id, give them your address, phone number, etc. It will be free but you will have to get a card with a member number on it to do any shopping. This expires without penalty after one day. They will try to sell you a full membership when you get to the desk for your free one because management will be breathing down their necks for good conversion numbers. If you decide to go in for a second day on the weekend, you will have to do this again. I do not believe they will take checks with temp memberships but they will take discover, mastercard, any debit card, or cash. Keep in mind that to return anything you bought on those days they generally require you to have a membership at the time you are making the return.


@djp519: If at any time during the length of a paid membership you decide that it wasn't worth it, you can go to the desk for a refund in full of your membership dues. This must occur before your expiration date or they will not honor it. Without a receipt they can still refund this by looking it up with your membership number but you will get a gift card. This is their general return policy without a receipt. Don't panic about getting a gift card though because they don't expire and they're good at wal-mart.


For any of you considering memberships, there is a $5 cheaper membership if you bring proof of owning or operating a business or have a commercial driver's license (have it with you). They also generally offer a $10 or $15 gift card year round to college students or military personnel/veterans (both with ID only and after paying for a membership-be sure to ask about the card first).


Protip: They do not accept Visa.

I almost made an ass out of myself when I showed up today with $100 worth of stuff only to have my card rejected by the cashier (because it was a visa). Luckily I randomly had cash on me.


Sam's is not bad but Costco is still much better.


@taitrt I use my visa debit card there all the time.


@virtualvenom They will accept any debit card, but not a Visa credit card. Costco only accepts American Express (and debit cards as well), BJ's will take any plastic.


Damm I gotta pickup diapers and wipes from Sams Saturday and I will have to deal with all these people loading up their carts full of stuff even though not everything is a good deal at Sams Club. You can always tell the new members because their carts are loaded to the brim with almost everything. I always compare prices and don't just assume that everything there is the best deal ever! Some things are a good deal and I love the Steaks and seafood there. Although if you want the best deals ever and are a Sam's member hit the auctions at where you can get LCD tvs sometimes at almost half price. Just watch for the $100 shipping charges. I love watching the ebayites try to snipe the auctions at Sam's not realizing that everything is on Popcorn bidding so there is no last second sniping. I got a $500 tv for $327 total shipped on the auctions.


@coreyking: You know you got 30 days to return your membership and if you ever want to buy something there without a card they'll charge you a surcharge of 10% which is still usually cheaper then going to another store


Protip: Double check your receipt afterwards to make sure there wasn't an upcharge, especially if you're in Texas. I work at a Sam's Club and we've been having some problems with the system charging people the 10% upcharge for shopping without a membership, even though it's a free weekend. We'll happily give you your money back, but you'll have to let us know, ideally the same day.