deals$5-$25 gift cards free from google


great promo - if you want EVERY single click you do on the internet transmitted to Google so they can track you. Worth a $5 gift card? Oh heck no! Of course, it's currently a voluntary program.


@wootcompare: Pssh, you say that like Google doesn't already track your every click on the internet!


@orionantares: I can't say for certain that the FF add-on "Google sharing" works to block tracking, but I know that it definitely affects my search results. I have a different version of FF at work that doesn't support "Google sharing" and search results are very different. Personally, I think that any steps we can take to reduce this invasion of privacy is worth not installing another app to increase it. This is why I use FF exclusively for browsing.


Most sites already use Google Analytics or Adsense, both of which probe your cookies and stalk you from entrance to exit. It's not that big of a deal now-a-days to be honest. Sure, there are still the paranoid few who freak out every time their mouse cursor twitches, ever so slightly when they aren't touching it, but for the most part it's fine. You still have your normal privacy, it's not going to read your emails, nor rat you out for all those dirty pics you just sent and isn't going to spam your credit card all over the place. Infact, the very few things you do have privacy with on the internet, aren't even touched with this. And chances are, you already have spyware which you didn't ask for, don't get paid to use, or have the guarantee of a well known company behind it, and have been tracked for the last few years anyways. So let's face it, what's there to lose with it?