dealsdead space dual pack [download]: dead space 1 & 2…


Activates on Origin, not Steam.


@j5: didnt activate for me with that link


Only for Origin. Ever since Steam was released long ago it really brought life back to PC gaming. I was at a point of tired of installing, patching, tweaking, etc just to play a PC game. Once Steam came around not only were prices really good on sales but the sheer simplicity of the auto download and install made Steam a instant delight for me. Keeping ALL my games in one account, easily back up the titles to hard drive for future fast reinstalls. It doesn't get any better.

Now Origin I have only used for BF3. I really like BF3 but the added little bit of hassle has kept me from reloading it since I don't game all that much. I would so buy BF3 again if on sale and available through Steam. I am not a fan of Origin, sure it works but added hassle, layout is weird. I don't buy PC games except through Steam. Too much other things in life to put time into (wife,kids,work,friends,outdoor hobbies), just don't like added installation and fuss with games anymore. GO Steam! (steam fanboy)


@homes223: Sigh. Deal-breaker for me. If this activated on steam, they couldn't take my money fast enough.


@eno45: How do you "back up the titles to hard drive for future fast reinstalls"... I've been reinstalling all of my steam games for the last 3 days, and it's terrible.