dealsfullmetal alchemist: brotherhood: parts 1 & 2…


Just some background on this series.

This is an anime series that is different from the original (and likely better known in the U.S.) "Fullmetal Alchemist" anime from 2003-04. This newer one follows the manga closely, whereas the original diverged significantly in the second half the series.

Both are high quality shows, but having seen both from start to finish I believe Brotherhood is superior, as it seems to have a more cohesive story. Both are actually worth watching if you have the time though. The collection in this deal only contains a portion of the Brotherhood series (episodes 1-26, of 64 total episodes).

Finally, both the original series and Brotherhood are available streaming on Netflix.


I'm tempted to pick this up, but I'd rather get it in blu-ray


not as good of a deal, but looks like it's on sale