dealsxl rainbow bright costume for $29.99 + free…


Double rainbow all the way!


@cengland0: This is a discontinued costume and the manufacturer only has XL left, sorry.


@ohcheri: Bummer because same thing happened with the Marilyn costume too.


@cengland0: It's pretty typical for that to happen. The closer you get to the next season's costumes the fewer pieces left from last year's styles.


My childhood is now forever tarnished.


XL Rainbow Bright costume? REALLY?!?! This costume should only come in a size small. I'm sorry if that hurts a few feelings. Would you really want to see an XL Edward or Jacob costume? Just think of ComicCon, people.


Aww drats. I wish they had other sizes, this would be perfect for Dragon*Con!!


@glennweber: Perhaps you should state that YOU think it should only come in XXXS and nothing else. Normal size women don't deserve to get any love from anyone or merit some role-play? [Personal attack removed]


@spyder69696969: Deep breath, friend. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, let's not make it personal.


@i43508: Please email your order number to so I can better answer your question.


LOL at "normal sized people". XL Rainbow Brite = Skittle.


I guess it could be worse. . . My Little Pony.


@randymilleriii: Gives new meaning to "taste the rainbow". . . .


@glennweber: not saying other sizes aren't fine too but I think even Medium would be fine if you wanted "small" girls and about the XXXS please god no. Not that small. Small is already getting to small.

Though that does bring up an interesting question. Do they go into negative numbers? I think I've heard talk about a size 0 but what about a size -1? XD lol


This must be from the Katy Perry collection.


I'm 6'2" 350lbs and when I walk vigorously, I get hair lock on my thighs and butt, and fall down immobilized. Do you think XL will do it for me? I really don't like it when the fabric's stretched enough to let the hairs through.

...I got yer skittles right here.


Hmm, me thinks with only an XL left, we'll be seeing a lot of these at the gay pride parade. It'll be fabulousssss.


This one shows up every year at Halloween, though I had never seen that particular Marilyn one.

edit: Though not with the lights. Missed that.