dealsnokia lumia 900 at&t 4g lte windows for $200.00…


rom rom


Just so people understand what they're getting, this runs Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" and cannot be upgraded to WP8. The two operating systems have similar UI but very different technology under the hood as well as divergent app development ecosystems (and the one for WP7 is deader than Jimmy Hoffa). Likewise, the phone itself is very different than the Lumia 920. If you're wanting a less expensive WP8 Nokia you'd be looking at the 820 or 620.


Any idea if ROM can be flashed to Android OS? ...could probably find out on XDA.. WinMo has just always been such a pita.


I will never do business with this company again. I purchased some bed sheets on the 12th of January and, as of, the 27th of February, still have not received them. Twice they sent me emails saying the sheets shipped; and twice they've told me there was a shipping problem and they should be shipping soon. They won't refund my money or, now, even return my emails.