deals120gb kingston ssdnow v300 series for $79.99…


I have one and it worked really well for 1.5 years.

Now, I can't tell if it's bit rot in Windows 7, or if it's the SSD going out slowly:
Most of the time, everything is fine and speedy.
Sometimes, the whole system slows to a crawl in really odd places (eg, Thunderbird quits responding for ~5 minutes or Browsing c:\crap and the folder "quits responding").

Nothing seems amiss in the event viewer....

A reboot usually fixes it for a while, but I am beginning to think it's time to replace the SSD.
Is there any way to tell its health (Intel has a nice utility for their drives, but Kingston doesn't seem to have one)?


@thormj: I also have a kingston ssd drive that I'm not sure if it is failing or it is something else. Their RMA on drives is really pretty crappy. A majority of people I talked to said they try and repair your drive and if it breaks, they will not exchange it for a new one. Pretty terrible RMA policy.