dealsinfinity blu plus size cove one shoulder swimsuit…


A shame really the front has some nice style to it, but the back shudder I would not be caught dead in it.


@furekurss: Not sure why you're complaining, that model looks plus size in all the right places.


Interesting that plus size swimwear isn't tagged #sexy, sounds like size discrimination to me. What say you @jumbowoot?


This site is great to work with. Orders arrive on time, with catalogs and coupons for next time.


She would look better in a regular suit- those "fatty" suits can take a regular woman like her and make her look big.


@ohcheri: I tried to tattle on it, to no avail.


@earl42install: sorry, I was MIA, AFK and pretty much just SOL for seeing the tattle. But I took care of it ;)


@curtisuxor: not sure why everyone gets offended at opinions.


@andyskitty: I agree. The last thing I need is something that makes my butt look even bigger than it is!


@thumperchick Do the sizes run true? And are their suits good quality?
Some of those prices seem too good for a decent quality suit.


@donslin: The run a bit large, maybe a size depending on your build. I haven't kept a suit long enough to beat one up, so I couldn't tell you about longevity. But they don't pill in the wash - I don't put them in the dryer.


Thanks for this post. I didn't get this swimsuit, but I found two chlorine resistant athletic suits for $40 shipped..and those normally run about $60 each. I hope they're good for water aerobics!

I tried a bunch of codes, and none of them worked on the clearance-type suits except for GOODSHOP20.