dealszombie full-size wall decal for $45.00


I have to register just to look at the items?! Pass.


@robertoz: At least 45% of the "pattern" is blocked out by the pop-up demanding you join before you can view.

And I think you are missing the point, so let me be more specific.

You have to sign up just to fully view the item they are trying to sell.

And again, pass.

There is no reason ever to have to sign up just to view an item for sale for any sort of reputable retailer on-line.

And, just in case I get the eBay tangent, that simply doesn't apply.


@robertoz: Wow. Egg on my face. I totally misunderstood you comment. Please accept my apologies.


@datahaunt: I understand your concern, and I always recommend that people have a shopping email address for flash sale. That way you wouldn't be forking over any personal information, other than a shopping only email. I would also recommend you to Google Fab's history and their business. They have been chronicled in TechCrunch (actually won an award) and one of their co-founders was just covered today in New York Times.

Fab is one of ONLY fastest growing retail companies in the world in the past two years.

As for the other member's comments, I would not report anything because someone has concerns and disagreements. The personal attacks were personal, and were vetted by the moderators on DW. If it was not personal, then they would not have taken action. I am a very polite person, and have a pretty high level of tolerance. I respect the decisions of the moderators, since I am on Woot's ground. If they thought otherwise, I respect that, too. @thunderthighs.


@datahaunt: Yeah, requiring sign-in for flash deals seems to be the new marketing strategy of the times. A lot of sites are moving to it. Even sites that have stuff that you can see have side flash deals that you only view if you are registered with their site. Yugster comes to mind.

@robertoz: We have absolutely no problems when people dislike a deal. There's no way 100% of the people are going to like 100% of the deals.

What we do have a problem with is when someone stalks another user's deals continually and accuses them of being shills or employees of the company. As I told you privately, lll0228 does not work for these companies and makes no money off these deals. I'm sorry that you have a problem with moderators deleting your personal attacks but that's not allowed. If a legitmate comment was deleted as well, I'm sure it was by accident.

FWI: I contacted customer service and they have deleted your account per your emailed request.