dealshp p7-1446s a10-5700 8gb 1tb hd bt4.0 desktop…


I love the AMD Trinity APUs... pretty great deal if you don't want to build it yourself.


I got this one's big brother last week. 2tb hd was overkill, but l'm loving it. And it will do some gaming,WOT plays just fine on medium quality. Very happy.


@populuxe: Big brother last week died on my son already. Waiting for replacement from HP. :( But, specs were better for the money! :)


This is a nice processor, pretty good deal. The stupid thing here (that HP is notorious for) is that it has no HDMI out. So they have a processor that has a great video HD-7660D built in, yet they pick the only MB built for this processor that does not have HDMI out. So now, if you want HDMI out to use this as a mediacenter - you have to get a videocard, which means you might have to also replace the power supply since it is an anemic 300 watt max- so now you no longer have a deal. If you plan on using this as a workstation and don't need the HDMI, then it's fine- otherwise skip this deal if you think you want to use it as a mediacenter (you're better off building our own) at that point.


To bad it comes with Win 8.


@gak0090 Lets not go overboard here. It has DVI-D out and audio out, put them together and you have a recipe for HDMI!!

In all seriousness though, a DVI to HDMI converter can be had online for much less than video card ($3). If your TV or receiver can take audio separately from the HDMI video, you're in business! Otherwise (from a cursory googling) you have to buy another device that takes in your HDMI and audio and put them together into a single HDMI output ($30). All said, not too difficult.

Still a takes little finagling, but this way there is no video card required!


@dunhama1: But why though? I mean my point is why would one pick a motherboard that did not have an HDMI out for this processor? The Trinity has a great video processor built in that is better than many cheap video cards out there- If you are HP why would you not pick a MB that has HDMI built in for an extra $0.50 because it will definitely be worth it from a better marketing standpoint.


@dunhama1: When you combine audio source with video source it increases your chance of sync issues between audio and video. I'll admit it does not always happen, but the chance is much higher vs using single source HDMI in this case for both audio and video.


@gak0090: Absolutely--- the delay will be noticeable even on what seems like a simple workaround. No HDMI and the 300w power supply will be a large bottleneck on an otherwise excellent performer, requiring irritating workarounds. With any upgrade to the video card will likely necessitate a power supply upgrade as well.


@indetrucks: No, but it'll destroy Space Invaders on max settings.