dealshitachi deskstar 5k3000 2tb 3.5" internal hard…


I can recommend this drive as solid and of decent speed, especially with it being one of those energy efficient drives. I think it was reading at 80MB/s. Never liked Hitachi much till I got it. That being said, I got one before the HDD crisis, so I managed to snag it for $65 after rebates.

I guess I'm glad the prices on drives are starting to come down again.


28% gave it a 1 egg rating, with lots of failure reports. I'm not sure I'd trust my data on this drive.


wow, actually reasonably priced (kinda). doesn't look to be the fastest drive on the market, but it'll be good for archival stuff.

in for 1!


Still known as Deathstars to this day. Do not buy unless you do not mind replacing


They've come a long way since the Deathstar days. They now run faster and cooler. I was wary, but I've been pretty happy with the 3TB version. Just make sure you keep it cool--if your hard drive idles at 40+ degrees, that might be part of the reason why your drive keeps on failing.

By the way, these might be the last Hitachi drives you might buy. Their hard drive division was bought out by Western Digital.


@namorama: does that mean WD will handle the support/RMAs for the drives?


@corwyn74: Saddly look at most drives these days, the failure ratio is much higher than it used to be. There seems to be little interest in QCing drives these days. Notice the trend on warranties getting shorter now too.


@b1ggp3te: To be honest? I don't know. Best to consult WD about it.


I've had three of these in a RAID 5 for over a year now on my storage server with no problems.

Hitachi makes great drives, but they screwed up so bad when they kept the "Deskstar" model name after IBM trashed it.


I had one of these die a year ago. I've been a Samsung fan for the last few years I have 12 2tb ones in service never had a problem. I heard that Samsung sold off their HD division?

Personally I would wait a bit longer I think the bigger 2tb drives will be back in the $89 range by May or June.