dealssteam winter sale - day 17


I thoroughly enjoyed the Crysis games. I thought they were well done and unique. Good deal to get them all for $17.49


Be honest with me, is RAGE a good game?


@relativeculture: its pretty good. i hate racing in games, but in this one i didnt mind. it makes it feel real mad max like. Its not borderlands but it trys real hard to be. a lot of secrets in the game. I enjoyed it. Its not fallout 3, but on its own its fun. Also on the ps3 it did not glitch or freeze once during the entire time i played.


It should be noted that while these daily deals have 48 hour timers on them, the rest of the holiday deals are set to return to normal prices in less than a day. If you've been holding out to see if something will become a daily/flash deal, now's the time to jump.


I'm thankful there hasn't been anything on these sales I really want. I already have several games in queue to play.


@relativeculture: It's okay, and a good value for 5 bucks. Like the other guy said the vehicles are done extremely well and the AI is some of the most interesting I've seen, but the plot is almost nonexistent and the atmosphere takes bits and pieces from other games without bringing anything new to the table. The much-vaunted megatexturing doesn't add anything, but it doesn't cause problems either (aside from making the game directory a 20 gigabyte behemoth). So basically it's exactly what you'd expect from an id game.

If you get it I'd also recommend getting the Sorchers DLC, it's $5 and fixes a lot of the gameplay gripes. I usually avoid DLC like the plague but with the main game so cheap you're only out ten bucks for "Rage as it was supposed to be" which is still a good deal for an AAA game.


@relativeculture: I am about 7 hours in to it on the XBox and have yet to really see the plot go anywhere. Interesting world though, for the price you aren't really losing out on much (I paid $40 about 6 months ago.)


@firefox91: haha same... i literally have 50 games i haven't even tried yet (mostly indies)