dealssteam summer sale 2012 - day 10


ARMA II is finally on sale. From what I have heard Day Z is more than enough to justify spending money on ARMA. Although it is still in alpha and the devs have hinted that it will be it's own game with it's own price tag at some point.


Torchlight is utterly fantastic, too. It's only single player, but it's an incredibly well-done addition to the action-RPG genre.

The 2nd one comes out this Summer sometime, as well.


I strongly recommend Arkham City. It's a great open-world, action packed game with tons of fun. Also, little detail that makes it cool: YOU'RE FREAKIN BATMAN.


Quantum Conundrum (for PS3 anyway) is awesome. It's got "dimension shifting" to the "fluffy dimension" (among others) and is voiced superbly by John de Lancie. If it was Mac-compatible I would be playing it instead of posting this comment.


@thetinguy: From what I've read, the DayZ mod will always require Arma II to work, but they are going to start charging a subscription service to use the mod, to support further development and the hosting of servers.


already bought too many games. have to play them all before i buy any more :P


@thyrsta: Haven't read that anywhere, but a friend and myself have been playing it nonstop for two days or so. I bought it at 23.99...only problem with Steam sales is you don't know if it'll go down the next day.


somewhat disappointed i never saw endless space on sale yet. was wanting to try that one