dealsmicrosoft xbox live 12 month gold membership card…


What's the usual cost on one of these?


just got my msg today that my live was up on new years, thanks for the post. in for one


@fedish925: Buy two cards, they stack. You can have up to 3 years (maybe) of membership on your account. The price isn't going down, and the service isn't going to collapse. Less than 80 bucks for 2 years is a deal that isn't going to be beat.


Ebay??? That's not exactly a solid buisness... :p


I ordered 3 of these earlier. Still waiting on the cards to arrive, but it's Newegg so I have no doubts they'll come.

$37 is a pretty good deal. You can do a little better, but this is the best you'll find right now from a reputable seller. Nice find.


@maxsmoke777: It's an eBay store with over 99% positive feedback score. Seems pretty solid to me.


Reads description "Orders that exceed listed availability will automatically be voided without notice."

With a limited quantity available, and 16,000+ sold I somehow doubt everyone is going to be getting one.


@obskera: "IMPORTANT : Limit 5 per customer! Orders that exceed listed availability will automatically be voided without notice."

This seems to refer only to buying more than 5. "Limited quantity available" appears on eBay when there is a very high quantity available of an item... something like 5000+.


@wilfbrim: You can stack like 5 years on these, at least I did.


Just to forewarn...

Newegg shipped DHL which supplied a tracking code but never had any information. I had an estimated delivery date of 12/20 but I got it 12/22. It did deliver tho and I did only pay 37.99. Definitely worth it!


be prepared to wait an unknown amount of time for delivery... newegg ships via dhl to usps and they don't ship immediately to dhl but wait a few days -- i ordered on 12/16 and after 6 days dhl finally delivered to usps so this won't be a gift for this xmas...despite their promise to deliver it by 12/20... it's a good price, however, delivery process is questionable