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What's the difference in the WD disk colors - red, black, blue, green?


From what I understand this is it in a nutshell:

WD Red = Specifically made for NAS systems
WD Green = Eco-friendly\low power drive, good for storage.. Wouldn't recommend as your OS drive
WD Blue = I guess you can say this is their "Normal" drive
WD Black = High performance drive


Blue is a balance
Black is performance
Green is low power
Red is mainly used for long-term storage in servers. It's considered the NAS series of drives.


Red is a new one for me....but generally you would want the and blue are the energy efficient/recycled byproducts which seem to more often than not fail. Dont get me wrong there are those that will buy green/blue that will work flawlessly, but when compared to black just terrible. Seems after reading reviews that red is for NAS environments, but general use is good too....but i guess there have been bad batchs like all hard drives... lol typical buy and hope that they work lol....i miss my good ol hitachi


Green - 5400rpm (which is all right for drives 1TB and larger)
Blue - 7200rpm
Black - 10000rpm usually

All above designed for a single computer use.


Red - "NAS", network attached storage, they claim it is meant to operate continuously and serve multiple files in and out at the same time. Supposedly uses less power and generates less heat than the others for this use. They don't spec the speed of the drive so I GUESS it is the normal 7200. My GUESS is that there is a change in the logic of how it stores files on the platters inside, so that the heads on the different platters can operate on different files simultaneously, while the other three "colors" are optimized for speed on a single computer which could mean splitting one file over several platters for maximum speed with the one file. Think of large video files or large database files. In a real NAS use, with multiple files being accessed at the same time, this design could make things a tiny but measurable bit faster. The difference will be small and you could use this in your one or two drive desktop normally without noticing any difference. This is a semi-informed GUESS.


When you look at the reviews you get 8 one eggs and 19 four eggs. That's almost half which is slightly better than horrible. I found that when the review 5 eggs to 1 eggs is half. it's a sucker's buy. So this seems to be only a bit better than that.


I believe @unkalledfor and @aidman123 have it right with regard to the color designations for the drives.

I will add that the black drives have a five-year warranty. The blue and green have a two-year warranty. The red has a three-year warranty.


Always read the 1 egg comments. Newegg does NOT have the best people packing things in their warehouse. A large number of 1 egg reviews on drives are because Newegg screwed up, didn't pack the drives for profanity(a recommendation against buying BARE drives from Newegg specifically) and the drives arrived DOA or arrived with degraded life-span as a result... Not all the 1 eggs are because the piece of technology is crap.


Notes to keep in mind before buying:
1) Direct link to the HD page rather than shell shocker page - this is a one-day-only deal:
2) This is for a NAS drive - in a sense, that means it is good to use in your NAS system which is network/shared storage - not great for your normal computer if that is all you have.
3) RPM not specified on the site.
4) However, there is a green (Eco-friendly AKA slower) one on sale on new egg for the same size/price, and that one IS meant for internal PC storage. (


@indigohaze: Seconded. Though newegg's return policy is honorable and time-tested, I have noticed on more than one occasion my new hard drive poorly packaged.


I recently purchased 3 of these for my new NAS at $200 each. This price is great - I would pick one more up to completely fill my 4 drive bays - BUT I am waiting for a 4TB for that slot...


Thank you everyone for decoding the colors for us.


5400 rpm... that makes sense that it would be a lower rpm for NAS setups. The throughput on those even at gigabit lan speeds are not really high enough to justify 7200 sata drives.

So that should put red below green in the raw performance category. This has a 64MB cache so its burst speed will be fine, but on larger files it will not hold up well.