dealsstarbucks - buy one get one free holiday beverage…


why did this get tagged with 'free'? you have to make a purchase to get the free one.

anyone? @inkycatz? any other mod?


thank you mystery mod who fixed this and deleted the repost. you are my hero for the day. unless someone brings me cookies. then they'll be my hero.'s cookies. i can share one if you'd like.


Somebody please get @Carl669 a friggin pacifier so he stops his crying! Good god. Your mother must be proud! GOOD DAY!


Does anyone know.. is a coupon needed, or just walk in and ask for the deal ?


@bmacknz: Per the e-mail that I got

"The holidays are about sharing traditions with friends and family.
Rekindle your favorite memories with someone special during our Buy One, Share One event. November 15-18, 2-5pm at participating Starbucks stores, buy one holiday beverage and we'll give you a second one of equal or lesser value to share."

Doesn't look like you need one.


@cory108: ?
Once a deal is tagged "free" it is no longer allowed on the front page (and possibly not allowed in the popular flow either).The tag affects the settings on the deal.


Pretty good deal since most of these drinks are in the 4 dollar range.


It stinks that the fall beverages don't count as 'holiday', but at least you just walk in and ask for it.


No coupon is needed. Just ask for one of the holiday drinks during the holiday happy hour and it SHOULD be applied AUTOMATICALLY in the system. I should know, I work there and did this about an hour ago.
Also, any employees end up still paying for the initial drink with the employee freebee :/


What the heck is a "beverage drink"? Can I get one with a "food meal"?


@slothful1: It also works on any brewski beer...


I like Starbucks, very,very much!


Here at the airport, there is a sign on the wall stated any holiday drink, we were told that is not case, only certain holiday drinks that were listed on the site. We pointed out the word "Any" on the site. The manager said she would bring it up to corporate. Yeah right. Any be prepared if this is the case. Specific holiday drinks: Peppermint Mocha, Skinny Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Latte, Caramel Brulee Latte. Cold or hot. I believe there is one or two more but the Salted Caramel was not included as we were told. I will be back today anyway.


whoo-hoo!!! tomorrow's my birthday! will definitely take a break from shopping long enough to treat myself to TWO Starbucks holiday drinks!!