dealsinjustice: gods among us (ps3/360/wii u) for $34…


darn, just bought this for 49.99 at target


Great game, Also recommend picking up the $15 season pass to get all 4 DLC characters. There is a pretty robust community playing this online right now, as well as numerous gaming modes offline if (like me) you suck against real humans. :)

There is also a pretty strong integration with the iOS version where accomplishments in one game unlock bonuses in the other game, which is addicting and rather well done... just can't recommend this game enough.


This deal looks like it has already expired. Am I mistaken?


Yup, it was part of yesterday's gold box deals. I've marked it as expired.


@mrichard629: Buy this one. Then when it ships to your house, just return the sealed copy that you got from Amazon. I do this all of the time.